Mar 172017

Hetherly Bathroom Floor Before 01

Hetherly Bathroom Floor Before 02

Hetherly Bathroom Floor Before 03

Hetherly Bathroom Floor Before 04

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 01

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 02

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 06

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 07

Tile flooring resurfaced to a stone finish.

Mar 172017

Heatherly Vanity Before 01

Heatherly Vanity Before 02

Heatherly Vanity Before 03

Heatherly Vanity Before 04

Heatherly Vanity After 05

Heatherly Vanity After 04

Heatherly Vanity After 03

Heatherly Vanity After 02

Heatherly Vanity After 01

Resurfacing of Bathroom Vanity. Removing grout lines on the top and veining.

Mar 172017

Burke Counter Tops Before 01

Burke Counter Tops Before 02

Burke Counter Tops Before 03

Burke Counter Tops Before 04

Burke Counter Tops After 02

Burke Counter Tops After 03

Burke Counter Tops After 04

Burke Counter Tops After 05

Burke Counter Tops After 06

Burke Counter Tops After 07

Customer wanted n new look for their kitchen counter-tops, We resurfaced the existing laminate counter-tops with a new marble look. This “Kitchen Makeover” brightened their kitchen and helped make the space look bigger.