Mar 172017

Heatherly Tub Before 01

Heatherly Tub Before 02

Heatherly Tub Before 03

Heatherly Tub Before 04

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 01

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 02

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 03

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 04

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 05

Hetherly Bathroom Floor After 06

Mar 172017

Burke Tub Before 01

Burke Tub Before 02

Burke Tub Before 03

Burke Tub Before 04

Burke Tub Before 05

Burke Tub Before 06

Burke Tub After 08

Burke Tub After 07

Burke Tub After 06

Burke Tub After 05

Burke Tub After 04

Burke Tub After 01

Burke Tub After 01

Burke Tub After 02

Customers bathtub was cracking and flaking up and was covered with hard water stains and a hole near the overflow. We made all the repairs smoothed the surface up and resurfaced the tub restoring it like new.

Feb 082016

Recent fiberglass bathtub resurfacing job.

Copper dish stain

Copper dish stain


Copper dish stain After

Chip in side panel

Chip in side panel Before

Chip in side panel After

Chip in side panel After

Hard water stains Before

Hard water stains Before

23 After 03

Hard water stains After

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Does your tub have stains, cracks, chips, hard water damage or even a hole? Well our surfacing products can adhear to fiberglass tubs, porcilin tubs, and cultured or natural stone tubs. Our surfacing products and process will make your tubes or showers look brand new again for much less than replacement cost.

About Our Products and Service!

Our resurfacing products are 2 part surfacing products based on aerospace coating technology and applications. We painstakingly clean and prepare your existing surfaces then treat them with an aerospace bonding agent that etches itself into the existing surface creating a greater bonding surface and insures greater durability.

Once the bonding agent is verified as complete, (via ultraviolet light), then the 2 parts coating is applied. Our surfacing has been tested against numerous known products and chemicals known to cause damages to most surfaces. Our surfacing products have some of the highest laboratory tested ratings against many of the acids and cleaning products that are known to come in contact with the surfaces we apply our coatings to.

You can be assured that the products we use are the very best in the industry. We never cut corners and stand behind our products and services. When we finish your resurfacing project you will have a finished surface or surfaces that you can and will be proud of. Not to mention your friends and visitors will swear you spent a fortune while you laugh your way to the bank with your savings!